WAKE Up Your PLANTS and turfgrass

Real Organic Coffee

Engineered Composts, Compost Teas, and Hybrid Fertilizers

For as long as coffee has been served, spent coffee grounds have been added to composts and gardens. There is a reason this age-old practice has been around for so long… it really works! GeoJava uses coffee manufacturers’ spent cold brew coffee grounds and an array of essential macro and micronutrients to create unique organic-hybrid fertilizers that are highly effective and environmentally friendly.

now available

Java Perk™

wake up your indoor plants

Java Perk is an easy-to-use , indoor plant food that combines the power of coffee with the macro and micronutrients that plants need to thrive and flourish.


Java PERK Outdoor™

perk up your outdoor plants

Java Perk Outdoor is an outdoor plant food that is made from real cold brew coffee grounds that plants need to promote plant growth.


take-all topper™

Top Up Your Turf

The Take-All Topper is a uniquely natural turfgrass top dressing treatment that uses our proprietary Coffee-K to grow thick, green turfgrass.

The Benefits of

Real Coffee Grounds

A 2-year study conducted by Texas A & M’s Soil Sciences Department demonstrated that coffee grounds:

  • Extend the availability of nutrients when combined with synthetic or organic fertilizers
  • Add microbiological carbon microbes that improve overall plant and soil health
  • Provide complex organic acids that help convert nutrients to plant available forms
  • Promote natural chelation of iron, zinc and manganese
  • Help plants absorb aluminum that will turn hydrangeas a vibrant blue
  • Have a 97% organic matter content rating that exceeds most commercial peat mosses and coco coirs 


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