Real Organic Coffee

Hybrid Fertilizers for all grasses & plants

For as long as coffee has been served, spent coffee grounds have been added to composts and gardens. There is a reason this age-old practice has been around for so long… it really works! GeoJava uses coffee manufacturers’ spent coffee grounds and an array of essential macro and micronutrients to create unique organic-hybrid fertilizers that are highly effective and environmentally friendly.

Java Turf™

A Hybrid Lawn & Turf Fertilizer with a Kick

Grow healthy turf, trees and ornamentals with Java Turf, the ideal bridge product that combines the power of organic nutrients with the science of inorganic plant food.

Java PERK™

wake up your indoor plants

Java Perk is an easy-to-use , indoor plant food that combines the power of coffee with the macro and micronutirents that plants need to thrive and flourish.

The Benefits of

Real Coffee Grounds

A 2-year study conducted by Texas A & M’s Soil Sciences Department demonstrated that coffee grounds:

  • Extend the availability of nutrients when combined with synthetic or organic fertilizers
  • Add microbiological carbon microbes that improve overall plant and soil health
  • Provide complex organic acids that help convert nutrients to plant available forms
  • Promote natural chelation of iron, zinc and manganese
  • Help plants absorb aluminum that will turn hydrangeas a vibrant blue
  • Have a 97% organic matter content rating that exceeds most commercial peat mosses and coco coirs 


Tips to Achieve Your Best Lawn & Gardens

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