About Us

unlocking the secrets of coffee

GeoJava is committed to unlocking the secrets that Granny always knew. Forever, spent coffee grounds have been added to gardens to improve soil health and plant performance, but no one really knew why. Through extensive research conducted by Texas A&M University’s Soil & Crop Sciences Department, we have determined that our cold brew coffee grounds, when combined with another source of fertility whether organic or synthetic, are increasing the uptake and availability of key essential nutrients plants require to thrive.

Scientifically speaking, the addition of cold brew coffee grounds in Java Perk & Java Turf products improve two essential biological functions: (1) enzymatic conversion of unavailable organic nutrients to available inorganic forms the plant can eat and (2) bio-chelation and complexing of inorganic nutrients in the soil making them available for plant uptake for longer periods of time.

It is hypothesized that the low molecular weight organic acids and melanoidins in our coffee perform as well if not better than some leading synthetic chelating agents. Some studies showed an overall agronomically beneficial increase in lettuce zinc and iron leaf tissue samples by 177% and 30% respectively. In summation, our coffee grounds are a source of bio-chelates that fortify your plant’s nutritional value.

Sustainably sourced

Believing in the power of coffee, GeoJava has invested in unlocking its secrets and has
repurposed over 20,000,000 pounds of spent coffee grounds since 2020.